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Agile Coach in Toronto, Canada (; founder of Toronto PhotoWalks (; Formula One (F1) and rugby fan


  • Derek Sivers

    Derek Sivers

    I've been a musician, producer, circus performer, entrepreneur, TED speaker, and book publisher. See

  • Alexa Clark

    Alexa Clark

    social entrepreneur, author, chief CheapEater, photographer & social media addict. Also @ceto @ceot @secretpickle & part of @hohoto

  • Alexis Monville

    Alexis Monville

    Building high impact sustainable open source organization

  • Ayoub


    Consultant, writer, photographer, voice actor, and wannabe rennaissance man!

  • David Sabine

    David Sabine

    Agile Business Coach, Technologist, Dad, Musician, Concerned Citizen

  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali

    Android developer. Searching for the next big thing.

  • Luc Perkins

    Luc Perkins

    Technical writer @streamlio. Ph.D political theorist.

  • Rabia Waheed Mufti

    Rabia Waheed Mufti

    I'm a Software Engineer. completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and MS in Software Engineering. I'm a blog writer, article writer and a Research Writer.

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